#1 Ranked Orange County Managed IT Services Provider for Small to Medium sized Businesses


SouthcoastIT is based out of Orange, CA, is the number #1 Orange County Managed IT Services Provider since 2012. At SouthcoastIT we specialize in offering Managed IT Services specifically to Small and Medium sized Businesses in Orange County. In fact, Our customers have consistently ranked us 5 stars, and given us referrals to other businesses throughout Orange County. We work with Orange County companies throughout a wide variety of different industries such as Construction, Healthcare, Legal, and many more. Our highly trained IT Professionals will focus on making your businesses IT systems our top priority, so you have total peace of mind.

Beginning with a Technology Assessment, Our Team with assess all of your existing IT Infrastructure and Systems to design a custom made Action Plan that will give your organization an easy to understand, and cost effective way of maintaining or upgrading your infrastructure. Using our advanced remote software and IT monitoring tools, our technicians can effectively manage all aspects of your IT needs 24/7 at any time.



Orange County IT Security Services

As part of our Managed IT Services, we also bundle it together with Managed IT Security Solutions. SouthcoastIT will provide a Managed On-Site Security Appliance for your network that will help strengthen and eliminate incoming and outgoing threats from your network. Our team of experts will utilize this information to help craft a specialized Security Solution to help secure your business in the perfect way. We offer services that most other Managed IT Service companies simply do not offer in one pricing model. Using proven IT security tools, and comprehensive Anti-Virus and Malware protection, we can leverage the appropriate amount of IT Security dependent upon your network requirements and topology, as well as industry standards. Our vast experience and understanding of the ins and outs of IT Security give us the best understanding in current technology threats. We can handle IT Security better by our team of trained experts locally based in Orange County.


How do Managed IT Services work?

Managed IT Services can benefit your business in a variety of ways by

  • Total outsource of your IT Department - You can leverage the resources of a professional company to handle your IT needs in a cost effective way and insuring your business data is always available and backed by a Service Level Agreement (or SLA).

  • On-Site and Remote Technicians locally based in Orange County to help solve your problems. Most problems are solved within 1 hour or less in the same day, before they even happen. You can call one of our friendly professional technicians 24x7 to receive direct support for your IT related problems.

  • Easy to budget Simple pricing scheme - What you intend to pay is what you pay. We don't have any overages or confusing service charges. Our plans are absolutely comprehensive and provide all of the necessary IT services your business will need.

What types of equipment are covered by Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services provided by SouthcoastIT can service your most important critical technology. We Service:

  • VMWare ESXi Servers and Windows Servers - Our team can leverage your existing environments or help you find more sophisticated and tested approaches to accessing your most critical data systems.

  • Backup continuity systems (OffSite and On Premises) - We test and monitor your OffSite and On Premises backup solutions to ensure the continual integrity of the local backup, and routinely restore backup images on our test servers to ensure the reliability of backups is being met.

  • Anti-Virus - Using our partners in the industry, we provide you a comprehensive set of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware tools to help ensure that endpoints are being secured properly. Monitoring and logging of threats are sent back to SouthcoastIT for evaluation and reporting.

  • Firewall Monitoring - We work with the largest brands to secure, monitor and implement Firewall solutions that work for organizations of all sizes.