Business IT Services in Orange County giving you the competitive edge in technology

By leveraging Business IT Services from SouthcoastIT, we can help optimize your networks and IT Infrastructure by using our proven set of tools and tested methodologies. By delivering professional IT Service, and a cost effective budget - the comparison is next to none on the tier of Business IT Services that our organization can provide. We specialize in working only with IT Infrastructure to give us a clear focus and intention as to what we can help your company succeed in. Our engineers and professionals will monitor and consistently provide on-site and remote maintenance to ensure your IT systems are always available for your Orange County Business. Our work speaks for itself - we have worked with a variety of different industries to provide the latest Managed IT Services, and Managed IT Security.


Services that we commonly provide

Windows Server Support - We help support versions of Windows Server from Windows Server 2003 all the way to the latest 2016 platform. Our professionals have extensive knowledge in legacy as well as modern systems

Office moves - Many new offices need assistance in finding a new IT Service provider at the time of an office move, and we provide a cost effective solution to help Businesses with new Office tenant move ins.

Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 - Many organizations need assistance with migrating from an older version of Microsoft Exchange Server to Office 365. We can help you finish the migration, or work with Microsoft with our engineers to get the migration finished in a non-interfering way to your business communications. 

IT Help Desk - Providing around the clock, 24x7 support with IT Infrastructure and IT Systems support using a dedicated support team and support phone number with a SLA promising the fastest response time.


Isn't your company better served by a team of professionals?

Our team of professionals have a combined amount of over 15 years of experience. This allows us to have a new, and competitive edge on the latest technology, as well as experience in older legacy hardware/software. Our company is licensed, bonded and our technicians are tested in a variety of different situations to ensure they have the knowledge, and tools to handle the different issues for each business environment that they work with. We designate each of our technicians for different industries of business to ensure they are best served by someone who is familiar, and has experience working with the software.